rapid plas water tanks

Rapid Plas Water Tanks.

As a dealer of Australian made and owned Rapid Plas water tanks, we can order and arrange delivery of your new water tank. Rapid Plas build their tanks to the highest quality and offer free on-site delivery of the large water tanks. There is a huge range of colours and sizes to choose from.

Water Fittings.

Philmac’s range of poly fittings and valves are made in Australia and are manufactured to deal with the demanding Australian climate.

For the best price on poly pipe fittings such as, valves, poly tees and joiners, reducers and more, drop into our store and check out the range.

philmac water fittings
poly pipe

Poly Water Pipe.

When you need a poly pipe to transfer water, the obvious choice is Iplex. We carry both blue-line and green-line poly pipe in stock in varying sizes.

Water Pumps.

When people think of water pumps, the name that comes to mind is Aussie Pumps who supply and manufacture a large range of water pumps to meat the most demanding of Australian conditions. Australian Pump Industries is a wholly Australian owned and operated company.

water pump
hose clamp

Hose Clamps.

We stock a range of Norma hose clamps to suit most needs.

Water storage and equipment in Mudgee

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