Drive Through Livestock Feeds.

Complete Steel & Rural is Mudgee's largest livestock feeds supplier and the most competitive.

With a convenient drive through warehouse, you can be sure that you will be impressed.

Some of the feeds that we stock:

    1. Cats and dogs
    2. Rabbits and guinea pigs
    3. Sheep and goat
    4. Alpacas
    5. Cattle
    6. Poultry and pigs
    7. Horses
drive through live stock feed mudgee

horse feed

Mudgee's largest range of horse feeds!

Included are the famous Prydes Easi Feeds range of horse feeds. These include: Biomare Cubes, EasiConditioner, EasiGoing, EasiPerformance, EasiResponse, Four Old Timer plus a lot more.

If you have difficulty determining which Prydes feed is suitable for your horse, Prydes have a handy tool which will point you in the right direction. The feed selector can be found here: Prydes Horse Feed Selector.

We also stock Cool Horse & Pony, Cool Plus and Equus Total from Laucke Mills and chaff from Eugowra Chaff Mills.

Our horse feed range is always expanding, so call in and see what's available.

Livestock feeds.

Wether you own cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas or pigs we are sure to have the feed that you need.

Sheep and cattle nuts, pig pellets, alpaca blend, corn, barley and wheat plus a lot more are our customers favourites as well as kangaroo pellets.

Also available is lucerne chaff, oaten chaff, wheaten chaff and a 50/50 mix of lucerne and oaten chaff from Eugowra Chaff Mills.

sheep cattle feed
pet feed

Dog and cat feeds.

Wether you have a working dog or it's just your best mate, you will be surprised at the range of dog feeds available.

For your furry feline, we have feed that they will love.

Poultry feeds.

An enormous range of poulty feeds are available. These include chick starter, pullet grower, layer pellets, several different types of scratch mixes, showbird breeder and layer mash for your chickens and chooks, duck and goose starter and finisher and feed for your turkeys.

checken feed
rabbit feed

Rabbit and guinea pig feed.

Your pet guinea pigs or rabbits will keep coming back for more of the rabbit and guinea pig micro pellets or mix from Laucke Mills.

Bird seed from Avigrain.

Wether you have budgies, finches, canaries, parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels, pigeons, peachface or just want to feed the wild birds, we have a feed that your birds will love.

bird seed feed
olssons lick blocks

Olssons lick blocks.

Olssons salt and maolasses based lick blocks help keep your livestock in top condition and provides protein, energy and minerals that they may be lacking in their feed.

Calcium Molasses with and without urea, Peak 50 with and without urea, Goat blocks, Trace Element, Lactovite, Lambli, Bloatliq and Bentobite are very popular lick blocks as well as the 007 for our customers with horses.

Full drive through service

We have a drive through to make your purchase go smoothly. Our customers love it!